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Ryan Urban is an award-winning visual effects artist, supervisor and the founder of Turncoat Pictures. He has worked on a diverse range of productions that include blockbuster films, high-end episodics and national TV advertising. 

After growing up in the Midwest, he ventured out to Los Angeles where he joined with teams at Warner Bros and Method Studios, working as a dedicated Compositor on films such as The Avengers, Wrath of the Titans, Cloud Atlas, Argo, This Means War and The Tree of Life, and on national TV ad campaigns like Halo Reach Deliver Hope, winner of the Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for Best Visual Effects.

Ryan then returned to Chicago to reunite with the Wachowskis on Jupiter Ascending and the Netflix series Sense8, stepping into the Visual Effects Supervisor role during Sense8's second season. He then joined The Mill as VFX Supervisor, where he led the charge for multiple teams—most notably the Nuke compositing team that executed LG World of Play and landed a VES nomination for Best Compositing.

As overall VFX Supervisor on the Sense8 Finale, the Netflix series Messiah, Showtime's Work In Progress from Lilly Wachowski, and independent films like Between Us, The Pretty One and Wolf Hound, Ryan rallied armies of VFX artists, production staff and vendors to the successful completion of countless VFX shots, elevating shows to the highest level of quality possible while faithfully adhering to budget and schedule.

This production-side and world-renowned facility experience culminated in the founding of Turncoat Pictures in 2015, where Ryan continued to play leadership roles on Terrence Malick’s Voyage of Time, Pacific Rim Uprising and The Matrix Resurrections.


Ryan is an active member of the VES. He enjoys learning new techniques, arming the right artists with the right tools for the job, inspiring teams to work towards a common goal, and mentoring others in the field of story-driven Visual Effects.

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2019 Telly Award "Non-Broadcast, Craft:Visual Effects" (Winner: Bronze)

15th Annual VES Awards "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project" (Nominee)

15th Annual VES Awards "Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Commercial" (Nominee)

9th Annual VES Awards "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial" (Winner)

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